Our crew is honored to benefit from their support, their technical expertise and their network. 

Discover our incredible sponsors:

Every employee writes Zalando's success story every day.


A strong international team has quickly put promising ideas into action and has always broken new ground to find the best solution together. This ambition and excitement lies in each and everyone at Zalando, and by being given the opportunity to take sabbaticals employees can live their passion and follow what drives them – just like Guillaume.


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Tasty meals anytime anywhere!

Thanks to Plastimo, our crew will leave with the best boat equipment, be it in terms of deck hardware or safety. We are proud to get support from this internationally renowned French company, and hope their slogan “happy boating to you” will apply to us.


Discover their offer of deck hardware, compass, lifejackets and liferafts on their website.

The harbour of La Baule - Le Pouliguen, which is managed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Nantes St Nazaire, is the base camp of our crew since November 2017. To benefit from the help of the harbour for launching our boat or berthing in our on-the-water training phases is huge.


There is a saying that one gets attached to the La Baule - Le Pouliguen harbour... We can confirm it’s true!

Helly Hansen is an apparel brand that develops professional-grade gear to help people stay and feel alive. Our challenge seduced Helly Hansen for its toughness and charitable vocation with l’école à l’hôpital.

It is also a great opportunity to put the products of the Aegir H2Flow range to the test in the most extreme conditions, for the strenuous effort that awaits us to face the elements. Meant for sailing, the range has been designed to offer full-body protection to the athlete in fitted, highly mobile and insulated layers. Thank you Helly Hansen to believe in the Au Large adventure.

Expertelia Audit & Conseil is a French accounting & audit firm which provides support to companies in their accounting, financial, social and legal management.


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The nautical service hub Wintering, located in Guérande, has been accompanying us since the start of our preparation in the bay of La Baule - Le Pouliguen. Be it to keep your boat dry or to ensure her handling and her maintenance, you can trust Thierry and his team!


With Wintering, we know our boat is in good hands!

Real Turmat offers an unequaled range of expedition meals: their dishes are not only nutritious, lightweight and really easy to prepare but also extremely tasty


How to meet the expectations of our French taste-buds to take on this challenge? Ask Real’s chefs in Norway!


Discover their different product range: Real Turmat, Real Field Meals and Real on the Go!

Vitaline offers nutritionally complete powdered food to combine a healthy diet and performance in a practical format, to benefit from the best of nutrition in all circumstances. This is our life-hack to keep the control of our diet and push our limits, be in before or after our trainings, in our travels and in our busy professional lives.

Like Au Large, save time without compromising on the quality of your diet and order on vitaline.fr!

Park & Box offers storage space and parking slots in Le Pouliguen. This is the ideal solution to store your archives, pieces of furnitures or vehicles in a dry and safe environment.


Park & Box is also the workshop where we are happy to make the necessary repairs and adjustments on our boat!



You represent a company, a foundation, a territorial community, and you endorse the values of learning, teamwork, courage and solidarity? Let it be known by sponsoring Au Large.





If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. By sponsoring Au Large, you contribute to overcome two challenges: the ocean-crossing of Au Large and the educational support provided by "l'École à L’Hôpital" to sick young people, which is by far the most long-term undertaking. Let us join forces to share our entrepreneurial spirit and our willingness to surpass ourselves to those children.

As Au Large's sponsor:

  • You enter a community of responsible entrepreneurs and partners, committed to hospitalized children. 

  • You join the network of Au Large donors and take part in the events organized for the project.  

  • You benefit from our relationship with "l'École à L’Hôpital" to follow the journey of the children and volunteers who benefit from your donations.





  • Budget for the race: 100 000 Euros (including the resale price of the boat redistributed to "l'Ecole à l'Hôpital" at the end of the race)

  • Donations target for "l'Ecole à l'Hôpital": 50 000 Euros. 

  • Total fundraising target: 150 000 Euros



PR results

• 3,250 total pieces of media coverage

• 2 hours 15 minutes airtime on BBC


Written and online press

• 39 articles in international newspapers

• 178 pieces of international online coverage



• 85 regional broadcast features 

• 5,413,128,182 total reach

• 30 minute BBC documentary

• Global AVE (Value Advertising Equivalent) £7,753,409




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