Our friendship was born on a boat.


In 2012, we competed together with 6 other freaks at the French University Rowing championship. We spend a whole season rowing kilometers after kilometers, dealing with rains, and learning to live together. Learning how to put our egos on the side to find our balance and to transform our differences into strength. Learning to communicate together, and to trust each other, blindly. Learning to push our physical and psychological limits, in order to keep the boat moving...

Time has passed since then, and we never stopped thinking we could move things in our own way... That's how se decided to go for our dream and attempt rowing accros the Atlantic ocean!

Our common chance in life has been to benefit from a good health and a good education. As rowing partners and University friends, we decided to make our dream of a transatlantic row come true, in order to support children who fight to learn and grow despite illness!

Are you ready? Then AU LARGE!




E-Commerce Director
2012 ESCP Europe graduate
A Loire riverman in Paris 
Globetrotter & adventurer

According to Guillaume:

Nicolas is like a chicer version of Stakhanov:

His will and passion are unstoppable, his rectitude and manliness remarquable. More importantly, he has a great sense of humor and just a light touch of madness! 

In a word, he is the best buddy to move mountains!

First mate
Financial analyst
2015 ESCP Europe graduate
French northerner in Berlin
Creative mastermind

Guillaume BARRAGE


According to Nicolas:

Guillaume, a man of strength and suppleness; as sensitive as he is talented. He is the birch that bends but does not break, and only his gnarled muscles equal his tortuous mind.

As much at ease with a pen as with an oar, he transports you with one and draws ripples with the other.





Associate Professor of PE - BEES 2nd degree Rowing


After coaching us for years at university, Etienne kindly accepted to support us to prepare our transatlantic row. Through his training program, Etienne makes sure we will be fit for the challenge ahead.

Jérémy LEVY


Digital communication consultant

On top of being an expert in digital communication, Jérémy has been an unwavering supporter of our adventure. He is the one ensuring our communication with the outside world once we are off shore.



Weather router (ENM,UB)

We are delighted to collaborate with Michel and benefit from his technical expertise in weather forecasting, ocean chart plotting and numerical modeling (GFS,ECMWF, satellite ,CAPE index, TTI...)


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