Since 1929, the association "l'École à l’Hôpital" (literally "School at the Hospital") offers young people from 5 to 25 who are sick the opportunity to continue their education at home or at the hospital. Thanks to 480 volunteering and qualified teachers, the association offers individual and free schooling in more than 40 hospitals in the Paris region. In consultation with the medical teams, the association tailors the best school program for each child. 4400 young people receive more than 22000 classes each year thanks to "l'École à l’Hôpital".

The purpose of our partnership with "l'École à L’Hôpital" is twofold:

  • We want to celebrate the two big chances that good health and education represent, and without which we would not have found ourselves on the same boat at University. 

  • With our expedition, we hope we can inspire optimism, a thirst for life and a thirst for knowledge in the children supported by "l'École à L’Hôpital".





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